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Professional Pack-Out and Content Cleaning Services

Sometimes a disaster causes too much damage. When this happens, you can rely on our pack-out services to pack and store your property. At Elevate Restore, we have experience in handling these projects and understand the process well. Our team will ensure all your possessions are safe and don't get lost during the remediation process.

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What is a Pack Out and Contents Cleaning Service?

If your property has suffered an extensive amount of damage or if your personal property needs to relocated during the reconstruction process, it is best to pack all the furniture and other items from the affected area. This allows us to carry out our specialized remediation and cleanup process. If needed we can also clean the damaged furniture and personal items separately before moving everything back into the property. Here’s a look at the process behind it:
  • Before the pack-out process begins all work areas are 3D scanned with our Matterport camera.
  • Our team sets up a staging area within or outside the building and moves all items to the staging area, these items are then documented and packed for transport. We separate items that can be repaired from the ones that need to be disposed of.
  • Our team then loads contents into our moving trucks and transports these items to our secure storage facility for storage. If needed, the cleanup process will begin at our facility, and any non-salvageable items can be held in storage until reimbursement.
  • Once the rebuild process is complete at your home, our team will transport all the items back to your property. We provide a full pack-back service to put everything back to the best of our ability where it was before your loss.

Emergency Pack-Out Services

If the property needs to be cleared immediately, we provide emergency pack-out services in an attempt to salvage as much as we can to limit the damage. Our team will take the items to our secure storage facility, cleaning them if needed, and store them until we return them to your home. Our services are organized and systematic. Here’s a look at what you can expect:
  • A detailed inventory of all items collected.
  • Access to your possessions on request.
  • Chain of custody to keep track of all items.
  • Climate-controlled storage facilities.

As a water restoration contractor in Las Vegas, we do our best to ensure your property is safe and sound while it is in our possession. Our 20,000sqft. climate-controlled storage facility has 24/7 alarm and video surveillance for additional safety. We also carry the correct insurance to cover your belongings if a disaster occurs at our facility.

Why Choose Us?

We provide reliable, quick, and efficient pack-out services. Our team will work hard to ensure your property is packed-out and ready for restoration or repair. Here are some reasons why Elevate Restore is a good choice for the job:
  • Our company offers 24/7 services so that you can schedule the pack-out at your convenience.
  • We follow the best safety procedures to protect your property, possessions, and our team.
  • No job is too big or small for us. Elevate Restore has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to handle all pack-out jobs.
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